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Sewing Thread (8oz., 2.5 lb., 5 lb. and 20 lb. cones)
Bag Closing Tape (2.125", 2.25", 2.375" and 2.5")
Newlong NP-7A Sewing Machine
Union Special 3000B Sewing Machine
Siruba AA-6 Sewing Machine
Jute Twine (many ends - 55 lb. reel)
Impulse Heat Sealers (8", 12", and 16" lengths)
Stretch Film ( 18"x1500' - 4 rolls)
Stretch Wrap Dispenser ( Hand Wrapper)
Cardboard Pallet Liners (40"x48")
Valley Craft Pallet Dollies



Farber Bag & Supply Company

Multi-Wall Paper Bags
Printed Stock Bags
Woven Plastic & Burlap Bags
Mesh, Cotton, Vexar & Bulk Container Bags

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