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woven plastic & burlap bags
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woven plastic & burlap
Woven Plastic & Burlap Bags
bag sizes woven


4x6   x
6x10   x
8x12 x x
9x17   x
10x14 x x
12x20 x x
13x26 x  
14x21 x  
14x24 x  
14x26 x x
15x24 x  
15x27   x
17x27 x x
18x24   x
18x26 x  
18x30 x x
18.5x32 x  
18.5x36 x  
19x33 x  
19x36 x  
20x32 x  
20x36 x x
20x40 x  
21x34 x  
22x36 x x
22x40 x  
23x40 x x
24x40 x x
24.5x40 x  
24x54 x  
25x40 x  
26x40 x x
28x40 x  
30x80 x  
32x45 x  
34x40   x
38x45 x  
40x54 x  
laminated polypropylene
12x36 12x38 12x27
14x31 14x36 18x30
20x36 22x38  
gussetted polypropylene
14x3.5x34 15x3.5x35  



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