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sisal twine
Available in 1-Ply, 2-Ply, 3-Ply or 4-Ply our Sisal Twine can be ordered in 10 lb. cartons, 10 per bale, or 50 lb. reels.
size feet/lb
1-Ply Plain 300
1-Ply Treated 300
1-Ply Heavy Treated 180
2-Ply Plain 144
2-Ply Treated 144
2-Ply Heavy Treated 87
3-Ply Plain 90
3-Ply Treated 90
3-Ply Heavy Treated 58
4-Ply Plain 60
4-Ply Treated 60
4-Ply Heavy Treated 44
poly twine
Our all-white Poly Twine is available in four 10 lb. boxes, 40 lbs. per carton.
size feet/lb
#450T 450
#550T 550
#550/3 180
#850/2 420
#850/3 280
#850T 850
jute twine
Available in 55 lb. Reels only.
sizes available
1 Ply 3 Ply
2 Ply Many Ends
pinning nails
Oval shaped, sharp, smooth and neatly packed in cartons of 50 lbs. each. Available in 12 or 14 gauge. (2 1/4" length)
Nursery Pinning Nails

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