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Designed for road protection during construction, these quality curing covers are available insulated, laminated and with taped edges, grommets where specified. Custom sizes available. Meets DOT standards and AHSTO requirements. Choose from stock or custom sizes.

burlap (10 oz)
Burlap Road Covers
5x30 5x50 5x100 5x300
10x28 10x30 10x33 10x34
10x35 10x36 10x40 10x50
10x100 10x300 15x28
15x33 15x36 15x45 20x30
20x33 20x36 20x50 36x50
laminated burlap (4 mil, 10 oz)
Laminated Burlap
5x50 20x50 5x100
10x100 40"x300'  
insulated blankets

Black, 6mil. With grommets and buttons.

Insulated Burlap
1/2" 3/4" 1" 1 1/4"
6x25 12x25

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