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BURLAP ROAD COVERS divider lineI'm InterestedView I'm Interested List
Designed for road protection during construction, these quality curing covers are available insulated, laminated and plain burlap. Custom sizes available. Taped edges, grommets where specified. Meets DOT standards and AHSTO requirements. Choose from stock or custom ordered sizes.
Burlap (10 oz)
5x30 5x50 5x100 5x300
10x28 10x30 10x33 10x34
10x35 10x36 10x40 10x50
10x100 10x300 15x28
15x33 15x36 15x45 20x30
20x33 20x36 20x50 36x50
LAMINATED BURLAP (White 4 mil.) (Burlap 10 oz.)

5 x 50

10 x 50

20 x 50

5 x 100 10 x 100 20 x 100




insulated blankets

Black, 6mil. With grommets and buttons.

Insulated Burlap
1/2" 3/4" 1" 1 1/4"
6 x 25 12 x 25
fiber mats
6 x 15
visqueen/construction film divider lineI'm InterestedView I'm Interested List
(with Grommets and Buttons) Available in 4 mil., 6 mil. and 8 mil.

10 x 50

12 x 50

16 x 50

20 x 50
12 x 100 16 x 100 20 x 100 32 x 100
wire ties divider lineI'm InterestedView I'm Interested List
Available black annealed, copper coated, galvanized, yellow PVC. Special lengths and sizes will be quoted on request. Priced 5000 ties per bundle. Tie twisters are available.
Wire Ties




5" 8" 12"



sand bags woven plastic & burlap divider lineI'm InterestedView I'm Interested List
Available with tie strings or wire ties. UVI rated stock colors: orange, yellow, green, tan or white. Ultra violet inhibitor additive extends life of the product in sunlight conditions.

12 x 20

14 x 24

15 x 27

18 x 26

20 x 36

13 x 26 14 x 26 17 x 27

18 x 30


14 x 21

15 x 24

18 x 24

18 x 36


erosion control divider lineI'm InterestedView I'm Interested List
silt fencing
available sizes
3'x100' (no stakes). Pockets every 8'.
3'x100' with stakes every 8'.
erosion netting
Erosion Netting
Coarse open mesh features heavy biodegradable yarn.
75 linear yards per roll /90 lbs. per roll
48" wide / 900 sq. ft. per roll.

Sod staples
Available 1000 per box, 6" staples.

wire cutters divider lineI'm InterestedView I'm Interested List

FELCO All Purpose Cutter
Cuts everything from steel strapping and banding to branches and stems.

FELCO Wire Cutter
Features a unique triangular jaw design that eliminates frayed ends.

flagging tape divider lineI'm InterestedView I'm Interested List
This products has been added to your “I’m Interested” List.

Flagging Tape
Strongly resistant to weather, won't fade. Packaged in 100 yard rolls, and available in solids, glo, checkerboard, stripe, polka dots. Priced per roll. Flagging tape dispenser also available.
vinyl stake flags
Fast and simple way to mark rows, plots, and utility lines. Made of tough vinyl for use in any weather. Wide assortment of colors. Standard colors: red, white, blue, yellow, orange, and green. Fluorescent colors: orange, pink, red, blue, lime, yellow, and green. 21" flexible wire. (Minimum quantity of 1000 per size and color.)
Vinyl Stake Flags
standard vinyl flags oversized vinyl flags
2 1/2" x 3 1/2" 4" x 5"
Custom printing only on Oversized Flags.
Farber Bag & Supply Company
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