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plastic pocket tree caliper
Plastic Pocket Tree Caliper
Farber's caliper has both metric and inch scales. Large 6 1/2" diameter capacity on 1/4" scale. Strong plastic construction and easy to read black numbers.
flagging tape
Flagging Tape
Strongly resistant to weather, won't fade. Available in solids, glo, checkerboard, stripe, polka dots. Flagging tape dispenser is available.
vinyl stake flags
Fast and simple way to mark rows, plots, and utility lines. Made of tough vinyl for use in any weather. Wide assortment of colors. Standard colors: red, white, blue, yellow, orange, and green. Fluorescent colors: orange, pink, red, blue, lime, yellow, and green. 21" flexible wire.
Vinyl Stake Flags
standard vinyl flags oversized vinyl flags
2 1/2" x 3 1/2" 4" x 5"
Custom printing only on Oversized Flags. Minimum order 2000 per size & color.
plastic treeguards
Excellent protection against sun scald! Lets the tree breathe while it protects, and keeps rodents from damaging the tree. No taping, typing, gluing or other handling necessary. So easy to apply and so durable.
Plastic Treeguards
24" - 250/per carton
36" - 250/per carton
duckbill earth anchor system

Duckbill Earth Anchor SystemThe ultimate system for supporting trees. In these kits the entire system is completely pre-assembled. Safest because no rods or stakes remain above ground to injure people or damage equipment. Virtually eliminates tree toppling.

For up to 3-inch trees. Package includes 3 Duckbill anchors with 12 feet of steel cable attached; 3 tree collars; 3 1/6" cable clamps. Use DR-2 Drive rod. Standard pack 12 kits. Available in galvanized steel cable or coated cable.

For up to 6-inch trees. Package includes 3 Duckbill anchors with 13 feet of steel cable and turnbuckle attached; 3 tree collars; 6-1/8" cable clamps. Use Dr-1 Drive Rod. Standard pack 6 kits. Available in galvanized steel cable or coated cable.

For up to 10-inch trees. Package includes 3 Duckbill anchors with 15 feet of steel cable and turnbuckle attached; 3 tree collars; 6-3/16" cable clamps. Use DR-3 Drive Rod. Standard package 4 Kits. Available in galvanized steel cable or coated cable.

68-DB1 Anchors
Individual Duckbill Earth Anchors for contractors who will assemble their own guy system. Rated capacity 1,100 lbs. 24 per case. 8 lbs. per case.

Hand Drive Rods
DR-1 (Packed in 10)
DR-2 (Packed in 10)
DR-3 (Packed in 4)
tree slings
Made of polypropylene. Standard size 20" x 2 3/4". Contains 60 per case. Width of 2 3/4" is before folding in half and putting in grommet. Special Sizes available upon request.
adhesive foamtree protectors
No cutting necessary! Just place around the trunk and it self-closes. Sticks only to itself. Prevents scuffing and scarring during shipping.
tree size foam size per roll
1"-2" 30" x 8" 240
2"-2 1/2" 20' x 12" 360
root wrap
Root Wrap
Keeps the wind out and the moisture in the soil ball and prevents it from hardening. Ideal for trees that will be held for a longer period of time. Maintains constant temperature of root ball and encourages reformation of fine hair roots. 90 Gauge plastic black stretch wrap. 15" x 1500' to the roll, 4 rolls per case.
mis-print paper bags
Please contact us for available sizes.
Mis-Print Paper Bags
11x3x24 12x3x24 12x3x27 14x3x27 14x3x33
15x3x32 15x3x33 15x3x34 15x3x36 15x4x34
16x4x36 19x4x40 20x4x40 20x6x42 22x6x44
poly wrapping sheets
For wrapping trees, woven polypropylene sheets.
Poly Wrapping Sheets
36/40 36/48
tree wrap
Excellent for protecting delicate young tree trunks. Easy to apply. Easy to remove later when the need for protection is gone. Available in paper, burlap, and cotton.
paper burlap cotton
4" x 150 ft. 4" x 22 yds 5" x 500 yds
3" x 150 ft. 6" x 22 yds  
  4" x 100 yds  
tree trainer
Self supporting tree brace. Designed for durability, the Tree Trainer is easy to use, reusable, and eliminates use of posts and wires around your trees. Available in two sizes.
Tree Trainer
Fits trunk 1 1/4" to 2 3/4"
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